G6R Dynasty Tactical

G6R Dynasty Tactical

This Dynasty limited addition is anodized list black with gloss black splash with gold lettering. Only 22 have been made and each has the limited number anodized in gold on the back of the grip.

Bob Long has released the all-new G6R Intimidator. The newest addition to the famed Intimidator line, this Generation-6 Intimidator is sure to live up to it's legacy. With a precision fit, 2 piece chassis, this Intimidator boasts a large, low-pressure poppet chamber that allows for unreal efficiency and accuracy. Get yours today!

  • Upgraded LP Poppet and Pillow Tip Bolt
  • *G6R Models include the FRENZY OLED Board*
  • FRENZY OLED Board--all tournament modes supported
  • MEGA-efficient--over 2800 shots on 68\45!
  • Quick-disconnect, clamping-cam feedneck
  • Colored Accents available in many colors
  • High Volume, Low Pressure Poppet Chamber
  • New overmolded dual-durometer grips with lightpipe for easy LED viewing
  • Dual Bearing Suspension trigger included--zero friction, high speed design
  • Ultra Low-Pressure Operation
  • 4-eye compatible, 2 eye setup included
  • F1 Barrel Cover
  • 3 Barrel Backs .679, .685 and .691
  • Level 2 Parts Kit
  • Black Out Screw Kit

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