Onslaught, Insight, Phase Maintenance Kit

Onslaught, Insight, Phase Maintenance Kit


This kit provides spare o-rings for the common maintenance areas of the marker as well as spare screws, springs and detents. See below for description of contents and installation location. To view the NG instruction manual click HERE.

Onslaught/Insight Maintenance Kit- Spares for the common maintenance areas of the marker plus spare screws, springs and detents
quantity location
1x2mm O-Ring 2 Ram Housing to Back Block
1x4mm O-Ring 2 Grip Frame to Body
1x4.5mm O-Ring 2 ASA to Grip Frame
1.5x20mm O-Ring 2 Main Body to Reg Center
008 O-Ring 2 Ram Shaft Bumper
010 O-Ring 8 Ram Shaft Rear/ Inside of Brass Shutoff
011 O-Ring 4 Gas InterLock Button/Reg Center
014 O-Ring 2 Inside Ram Housing
015 O-Ring 4 Bolt
016 O-Ring 2 HPR Piston
018 O-Ring 2 Reg Center to Reg Base
020 O-Ring 2 Volume Chamber
021 O-Ring 8 Outside of ram Housing/ Between Ram Housing and Volume Chamber
108 O-Ring 2 Inside of Brass Shutoff
114 Square O-Ring 2 Front of Volume Chamber-Bumper
2x20mm O-Ring 2 Inside Back of Volume Chamber
U-Cup 3/8x9/16x3/32 O-Ring 2 Inside Front of Volume Chamber
Screw for grip panel 2
Screw for eye board 2
Screw for eye cover 2
Ball detent with spring 2
Trigger spring 1
Packaging: Small Black Plastic Box