Ryan Greenspan Dragon G6R

Ryan Greenspan Dragon G6R

G6R Models include new FRENZY OLED Board
Bob Long has released the all-new G6R Intimidator. The newest addition to the famed Intimidator line, this Generation-6 Intimidator is sure to live up to it's legacy. With a precision fit, 2 piece chassis, this Intimidator boasts a large, low-pressure poppet chamber that allows for unreal efficiency and accuracy. Get yours today!

  • *G6R Models include the FRENZY OLED Board*
  • FRENZY OLED Board--all tournament modes supported
  • MEGA-efficient--up to 2000 shots on 68\45!
  • Quick-disconnect, clamping-cam feedneck
  • Colored Accents available in many colors
  • High Volume, Low Pressure Poppet Chamber
  • New overmolded dual-durometer grips with lightpipe for easy LED viewing
  • Dual Bearing Suspension trigger included--zero friction, high speed design
  • Ultra Low-Pressure Operation
  • 4-eye compatible, 2 eye setup included
  • F1 Barrel Cover
  • 2 Barrel Backs .685 and .691
  • Level 2 Parts Kit