MARQ Gen 2 Poppet -VIS Engine Complete O-Ring Rebuild Kit

This kit provides one complete o-ring rebuild for the marker and the Cam Drive ASA. See below for description of contents and installation location. To view the Gen 2 MARQ instruction manual click HERE.

Marq Poppet (VIS Engine) Complete O-Ring Rebuild Kit- Provides one complete o-ring rebuild for the marker and Cam Drive ASA
quantity location
1x3mm O-Ring 3 Solenoid to Manifold to Body
1x4mm O-Ring 1 Grip Frame to Body/ ASA Main Seal Support
1x4.5mm O-Ring 2 ASA to Grip Frame
1x6.5mm O-Ring 1 LPR to Body
1x7.5mm O-Ring 1 (SC Only) Outside of Poppet Shaft Rear
1x8mm O-Ring 2 Outside of 2959G Adaptor
1x12mm O-Ring 1 Outside of Blast Guide
1x14mm O-Ring 1 Back Block to Ram Housing
1x20mm O-Ring 1 Outside of Brown Donut Seal
006 O-Ring 4 Outside of Ram Housing
007 O-Ring 2 Outside of Ram Housing(Tight!)
008 O-Ring 2 Ram/ Poppet Shaft (SC Only)
011 O-Ring 1 Rear of Ram
012 O-Ring 1 LPR Piston
013 O-Ring 1 Inside of Ram Housing
014 O-Ring 1 Inside of Front Volume Chamber
015 O-Ring 3 Bolt/ ASA Main Seal
016 O-Ring 1 HPR Piston
020 O-Ring 1 Inside of Volume Chamber Rear
021 O-Ring 2 Outside of Volume Chamber
Packaging: Single Zip Lock Bag


This kit will support the 2012 version of the MARQ ASA (Cam Drive ASA)