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Field One Paintball offers some of the most technologically advanced markers and paintball products in the industry. With a focus on Innovation, Performance, Reliability and Efficiency, we are constantly building on the Field One Paintball product line so we can offer the optimal paintball marker to all players in all playing formats. With a strong base of technology and performance from Bob Long’s legendary line of paintball markers, Field One Paintball will continue to create innovative paintball markers while offering top class support around the world.


If you own an F1 product and would like to learn more about how it works and how to perform maintenance, please explore our support section.  For technical information about the Field One FORCE, please see our Force Technical Support Guide HERE.


If you are in need of service from the Field One Paintball Service Center, please click this link and follow the instructions on what to do next: F1 FACTORY SERVICE CENTER 


If you are having a technical issue with your Field One Marker and would like to know more about the Field One Paintball Warranty, please click HERE.


Field One Paintball has certified technicians in different regions around the world. Click HERE for a list of Field One Certified Technicians and their contact info.



For any other questions, please contact Field One Paintball:




phone:  (415) 324-4050