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Previous Field One/ Bob Long Generations of Markers and parts Downloadable Manuals

The Field One Factory Service Center no longer offers service on these older generations of Bob Long/F1 markers. Please reference these downloadable manuals and guides and use the FAQ Tech tips section for help with your marker:


G6R Click HERE

Generation 5  Intimidator Vice, Protege click HERE

Generation 4 Intimidator click HERE

Generation 3 Intimidator click HERE

Generation 2 Intimidator click HERE

Generation 1 Intimidator click HERE



Insight NG v1.2 click HERE



Gen 2 Marq Victory click HERE



MVP Marq Pump click HERE



Frenzy 6.2 NXL has the same functionality as Frenzy 5.0 with these exceptions:

  • To toggle the eyes on/off, tap the power button twice within 1 second
  • To change from "Home Screen" to "Timer Screen", press and hold the power button for 2 seconds. Pull the trigger to start your timer.
  • The Rate of Fire will automatically default to 8 BPS if the eyes are turned off or the eyes are dirty or not functioning properly. This will allow you to continue to play at a lower rate of fire but also decrease the likelihood of chopping paint.
  • To see a complete breakdown of functionality and adjustments, please check out the Frenzy 5.0 link below.

Frenzy 5.0 click HERE

Frenzy 4.0 click HERE

Frenzy 3.0 click HERE

Musashi 8 click HERE

Odoshi G6R click HERE

Ryujin click HERE

Yakuza click HERE



360 Inline Reg click HERE

Defiant 2 click HERE

M-TAC click HERE




For additional tech support please call us at 415 324 4050
or e mail us HERE