Certified Dealers and Technicians


Certified Dealers and Technicians- Bob Long Technologies/ Field One Paintball Markers


Field One Paintball has certified technicians in different regions around the world. Here is a list of Field One Certified Technicians and their contact info:

Ryan Derose- Inglorious Sports
Scranton, PA
(570) 878 3024

Marcus Garcia
Houston, TX
(208) 577 0214

Alexandre Woiry- Paintball Temple
Fort de belrupt 
55100 belrupt en Verdunois 
Phone: +33 627262145
E-Mail: pbtemple@hotmail.fr 
This F1 certified tech can flash your Frenzy5 board with the latest NXL legal code!
Mike Draughon- Hoppers Paintball
Savannah, GA
(912) 572 7565


Capitol City Paintball
Sacramento, CA
(916) 375 0281


C and S Paintball
Allenstown, NH
(603) 777 2246
WSS Paintball
Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 4459067
E-mail: info@wss-berlin.de
This F1 certified tech can flash your Frenzy5 board with the latest NXL legal code!

Portland, OR
Tim Firpo- PaintballTek.com
Vacaville, CA
(707) 592 0828

Field One Paintball will also be offering repair services at the 5 major NXL events and the 4 major Millennium events in 2018 and beyond.

Just come find us at the Field One Paintball booth and bring the marker that you need help with (IF your marker is older than 2012, please contact us at the factory service center to see if our event tech can help you).

If you have any questions about what services we can provide at these events, please feel free to contact our Factory Service Center: support@fieldonepaintball.com