F1 Factory Service Center

Please read all of the instructions on this page before sending your marker in for repair or service. 

Click HERE to submit your F1 repair.

For F1/Bob Long Customers looking for help repairing or servicing their paintball markers- Field One Paintball will only continue to service the following paintball markers in the Field One Factory Service Center:

G6R OLED-Includes body styles with factory OLED* grip frames only. Markers with aftermarket boards/batteries cannot be serviced. Markers that do not have the Frenzy5 OLED board cannot be updated

Example: Dragon, Tactical, Standard, Flame, F5, Signature Series, Z, Status

Insight, Onslaught, Phase, Victus

MVP Pump

Gen 2 MARQ OLED-Includes body styles with factory OLED* grip frames only.  Markers with aftermarket boards/batteries cannot be serviced. Markers that do not have the Frenzy5 OLED board cannot be updated

Example: VIS, VCOM, Reptile, Ripper.  We can only service VIS and VCOM engines from this time forward.

Frenzy5 Board Updates: We are only able to update the Frenzy5 OLED board at this time. Please fill out an RMA form and acquire an RMA# for your package. You can choose to send in just the Frenzy5 board or the whole marker but the return shipping cost will be higher if you send the whole marker. Typically, a board flash will cost $10 (including return shipping).

Field One Paintball will service the above listed markers based on availability of replacement parts.

Here is the procedure for sending in your marker for repair:

Step 1- Click on the link above to start your RMA form and receive an email with your RMA#.

Step 2- Print a copy of the email you receive(with your RMA#) so you can include it in the package.

Step 3- Package your marker so it can safely arrive at the Field One Service Center. Write your RMA# on the outside of the box.

Step 4- Ship your marker to:

Field One Paintball- Service Center(RMA#_____)

34 De Luca Place Suite D

San Rafael, CA 94901


  • Markers will be serviced based on availability of parts in the order they are received. Usual expected turnaround for repairs/service is about 5-7 business days from the date your marker arrives at Field One Paintball. If there is an issue with the marker that will take an extended period of time to resolve, a Field One Paintball Technician will contact you with further information.
  • Service Center Customers will be notified when their marker repair is complete. Payment will be collected at that time and the marker will be shipped to the return address using GROUND shipping.

    EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2018- The minimum cost for F1 maintenance service is $45.00 plus shipping.

    This service includes:

    -Marker Inspection

    -Software Update- Flash Main Board (only available for Frenzy 5 OLED Board) 

    -Pressure testing and reset

    -O-ring rebuild of the engine (Rebuilding additional engines will result in an additional labor charge)

    -Rebuild of HPR and LPR(if applicable)

    -Cleaning/inspecting eyes and detents

    -Set Chronograph speed to 280-300 FPS (This will need to be checked and adjusted by the customer before playing with the marker).

    Any repair or replacement parts that are required to complete service will be an extra charge. Customers will be notified if replacement parts cost is excessive. Excessively dirty or damaged markers will incur an additional labor cost.  The owner of the repaired marker is encouraged to test and chronograph the marker upon receipt from the F1 Service Center to ensure that the issues have been resolved/ maintenance performed and that the marker is functioning well. 

    Once service is complete, Field One Paintball will use the information provided to contact the customer to complete the transaction. The Field One Paintball Service Center will not hold “completed” or “no customer contact” markers for longer than 90 days. If payment is not made in full within 90 days of service completion, the marker will be disposed of without further notice.

    For help regarding repairs of current AND older markers, we recommend downloading the user manuals for diagnosis and repair tips. These manuals are available HERE

    You may also be able to source some repair parts for older Bob Long Markers at www.dirtyworks.com or contact one of the independent technicians listed on the F1 webpage under the "SUPPORT" tab.

    We apologize for the inconvenience if you own an older marker that is no longer eligible for repair in the factory service center. We are no longer producing parts for older markers and have exhausted our inventory of parts left over from the old Bob Long Repair Center.



    The Field One Paintball Technician Team