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FAQ- MVP Technician Tips

This section has information and technician tips relating to the Field One MVP Pump Marker. If you have a question or need advice on a technical issue, please email us:

As always, whenever you are handling your paintball marker, be sure you are handling in a safe manner and following all paintball safety guidelines and local rules/ regulations.

Be sure you are in a safe area to shoot your marker. Be sure you and the people within range are wearing approved paintball eye protection.

MVP Pump

Where can I find the owners manual/technical manual for this paintball marker?


The owner’s manual for this marker is available online on the Field One Paintball Website or by clicking here.

How often should I perform maintenance on my MVP?


Every time you play-  Chrono your marker

Start of Weekend- Clean breech area and barrel

Once per Month/ Before Event- Clean/relube engine and detent

Once a year/ Season- Rebuild MVP (Engine/Regulator/Detent)

What tools do I need to do standard maintenance on my MVP?


Standard Allen Wrench Set, Lube (Dow 33 or Field One Lube), Needle Nose Pliers or Schrader Valve Tool, Barrel Cleaning Squeegee.

What is the recommended tank output pressure for the MVP?


The ideal output pressure for your tank regulator is between 300psi and 500psi.  The MVP, in most cases will perform with higher tank output pressures but this will increase the wear on regulators/o-rings and seals and may yield lower efficiency.

Why is my MVP experiencing low/inconsistent velocity?


Velocity (chronograph speed) for the MVP is adjusted at the rear of the grip frame with a 1/8th inch standard allen wrench. Turning the adjustment screw clockwise will increase velocity. Turning the screw counter clockwise will decrease velocity. Since regulator adjustment can be sensitive, we recommend adjusting your velocity 1/8th turn at a time and then shooting clearing shots and chrono testing. Continue this process until you reach the desired chronograph speed.  

Inconsistency at the chronograph can be caused by a few different issues. Some common factors that are independent of the operation of the marker that you may want to consider are:

1) Overall quality of paintballs

2) Paintball size to barrel bore sizing

These issues are discussed in the F1 General FAQ section- you can get there by clicking the link here: F1 General FAQ 

For consistency issues that are related to the operation of the marker, we will start with the most common(and easiest to fix) and move on to some of the more complicated matters.  With good quality paint and a well maintained and tuned marker, you can expect to get a string of shots that are all within 10fps of one another. Most paintball fields have safety guidelines that require players to shoot between 260fps and 300fps maximum. 

If your MVP is not achieving desired chronograph speed with the use of standard velocity adjustment, there are a couple things you can try that will increase chronograph speed and create more chronograph consistency.  First, check the paint/barrel bore sizing for the specific paint you are shooting. Shooting a closed-bolt system like the MVP requires special attention to paint/barrel bore sizing.

Explanation: Once you close the breech by moving the bolt to the forward position, the ball is no longer held in place by the ball detent.  The ball detent is important in a closed-bolt system to prevent more than one ball feeding into the breech at a time- but once you move the bolt forward(close the breech), the only thing holding the ball in place is the barrel bore itself.  If the bore is sized too big, the ball can roll forward in the barrel before the marker is shot. This can cause major inconsistency/ low velocity from shot to shot.  If the ball is allowed to roll all of the way out the front of the barrel, your next shot will be empty.

After checking your barrel bore sizing and retesting chrono speed, the next thing to consider is changing to the heavy hammer spring (located in the rear portion of the MVP Engine). The MVP typically has 2 options for hammer springs, heavy and light- using a heavier hammer spring will increase velocity as it will force the poppet valve open for a longer period each time you fire the marker. If you already have a heavy spring in the MVP, you may want to consider replacing the hammer spring as springs can wear out over time and use.

The next thing to check would be the o-ring on the blast guide and other parts of the engine. If o-rings in the engine or on the blast guide swell, they can create drag which will have a detrimental effect to the performance of the marker- they will need to be replaced with fresh o-rings and a small amount of lube.

Once these steps have been taken to correct velocity issues, and if you are still having a problem, the regulator in the grip frame may need to be cleaned/rebuilt. Please see the MVP owners manual for information on the MVP regulator.

My MVP is leaking……


For leaks coming from the breech area, try replacing these o-rings:

021 (outside of the engine)

011 (inside of volume chamber-front)

1x7mm (blast guide)

If you still detect a leak coming from the breech area of your MVP, you may have to replace the donut seal or blast guide. These parts can be damaged if debris, sand, dirt gets between the sealing edge of the blast guide and donut seal.

For leaks coming from the body or grip frame, try replacing these o-rings:

1x3mm (body to pump rail track/ regulator to grip frame)

1x23mm (pump rail track to grip frame)

The Auto-Trigger is not functioning properly in my MVP….


Make sure that the screws that hold your body/pump rail tray/grip frame are tight. Before tightening these screws, make sure the sear pivot dowel pin is seated in the correct position and that all stationary o-rings are seated properly. If the body, grip frame or pump rail tray become loose, the sear height will change and the Auto-Trigger mechanics will change.  If the MVP is assembled properly and you are still having Auto-Trigger issues, you can fine-tune your sear height with the following method: slightly loosen the screws that hold the pump tray and grip frame together, slide pump tray slightly forward to lower the sear or slide the tray slightly back to raise the sear.

I need more help with my MVP- I can’t fix the problem on my own… What can I do?


If you have more questions about your MVP Marker, you can call or email the Field One Paintball Service Center for help or send your marker to the Field One Paintball Service Center for repair or service. Click here for instructions on how to send in your marker.


Phone: (415) 324- 4050