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Legendary. Bob Long is one of the founding fathers of tournament paintball. In the early 80’s he began a journey to change the paintball world for the better. He founded the Ironmen, one of the most successful paintball teams in the history of the game. As captain of the Ironmen Bob led the team to multiple world titles during his tenure while becoming one of the most revered players in the world. Being a fierce competitor on the field Bob poured his tenacity and love for the game into the innovation of new products pushing the limits of paintball technology. His creations have forged the bones of paintball tech as we know it today. His guns are the fastest shooting and most efficient ever made.
In business over 15 years, Bob has created a legacy of premium products that lead the way in innovation. Manufactured in small quantities here at home in the USA, Bob’s guns are the epitome of American design and craftsmanship. From the MVP pump, the smoothest shooting pump on the market, to the G6R intimidator one of the most reliable and efficient guns ever made, to the Onslaught and Marq, both silky smooth and deadly accurate spool valve designs, Bob has what you need to get it done on the field weather you are an experienced tournament player or a weekend warrior.
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