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There are few who have stepped foot into the tournament paintball arena that have not heard the name "DYNASTY".  Started in 2001 by a tight-knit group of friends who had catapulted through the ranks of divisional paintball, Dynasty would see almost instant success, winning their first professional World Cup at the end of 2001.  The team would continue upon this success by winning world title after world title and compiling more professional series titles and more professional tournament wins than any other team in the history of tournament paintball.

With over 60 professional major event series 1st place finishes, San Diego Dynasty is the winningest professional paintball team in the history of the sport, while it’s 4 longest tenured members, Alex Fraige, Ryan Greenspan, Yosh Rau and Oliver Lang have individually amassed over 240 professional wins.

Through the years, the team has seen multiple generations of talent while maintaining a level of success that is unparalleled in the sport of paintball.

Many of today’s top professional players have, at one time, taken their place in the Dynasty huddle.  And many of tournament paintball’s highest ranking players have cut their teeth by attending a Dynasty teaching clinic or training in the Dynasty Camp.









All formats.

All eras.

Team Dynasty has become synonymous with winning. Through the core principles of innovation, teamwork and a do-it-yourself mentality, the team and its players have become well known all around the globe for competing, teaching and leading the way in paintball player professionalism. 

You can follow San Diego Dynasty as they compete for more titles and teach paintball around the world. 

INSTAGRAM:  @sddynasty

FACEBOOK:  @DynastyPaintball

San Diego Dynasty celebrating a 1st place finish at the NXL Las Vegas event in 2017
San Diego Dynasty takes 1st Place Honors at the 2019 Iron City Classic 
2021 Dynasty Professional Roster:
Ryan Greenspan #18 @ryangreenspan
Alex Fraige #7 @alexfraige
Yosh Rau #32 @yoshiorau
Blake Yarber #44 @byarber44
Marcello Margott #33 @marcellomargott
Arturo Andrade #13  @arturo_andrade13
Mike Urena #79 @mju79
Dalton Vanderbyl @daltonvanderbyl



Bob Long is one of the founding fathers of tournament paintball.  Joining with a group of players (made up of iron workers and friends from the Bay Area) in California in the mid 1980s, Bob formed one of the most dominant early era professional paintball teams, the Ironmen of California.  As captain of the Ironmen, Bob led the team to multiple world titles while becoming one of the most revered players in the world.  In addition to being a fierce competitor on the field, Bob poured his tenacity and love for the game into the innovation of new products- pushing the limits of paintball technology.
His creations have pioneered paintball tech as we know it today while his innovations and the start of his company, Bob Long Technologies, marked the beginning of the paintball "arms race". His guns are the fastest shooting and most efficient ever made.
 In business over 15 years, Bob has created a legacy of premium products that lead the way in innovation. 
Manufactured in small quantities here at home in the USA, Bob’s guns are the epitome of American design and craftsmanship. From the MVP- the smoothest shooting pump on the market, to the G6R Intimidator- one of the most reliable and efficient guns ever made, to the Onslaught and MARQ- both silky smooth and deadly accurate spool valve designs, Bob has what you need to get it done on the field whether you are an experienced tournament player or a weekend warrior.

Field One Paintball was started in late 2016 by the core members of Team Dynasty and the team’s long-time manager, mentor and friend, Eric Crandall. With the purchase of assets and designs from Bob Long and the energy and competitive spirit of the new Field One Paintball Partnership, the company aims to continue down the path of innovation by applying practical and balanced ideas to new and proven, high tech platforms.  

"Our mission is to create lasting paintball equipment that will be unrivaled in performance, reliability, efficiency and comfort and enhance the playing experience of all paintball players in all formats at all levels of the game.  We truly appreciate your support of Bob Long Technologies, Team Dynasty and Field One Paintball. We look forward to serving you in the years to come."


If you would like to speak with a Field One Technician or Salesperson, please use the contact information below:
(415) 324 4050
34 De Luca Place
Suite B
San Rafael CA, 94901
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