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MVP Maintenance Kit

MVP Maintenance Kit

Acculock Lifetime Insert Replacement Program

 If any of your Field One Paintball Acculock Inserts are damaged for any reason, we’ll replace it with the same or similar insert for as long as you own your kit. Just return your damaged insert to Field One Paintball at the address below with your name, address, contact info and a copy of your purchase receipt or other proof of purchase. Also include a check for $7 USD payable to Field One Paintball to cover shipping and processing.

Send your damaged insert to:

Field One Paintball

Attn: Acculock Replacement Program

34 De Luca Place Suite B

San Rafael, CA 94901

This offer is only valid for the original owner and is not transferable. Limited to one replacement of each insert per customer. Offer void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. Field One Paintball LLC reserves the right to modify or discontinue the terms of the Acculock Lifetime Insert Replacement Program at any time. Program does not apply to product requiring shipping outside of the United States.

Thanks again for your support. If you have any questions about the AccuLock Barrel System, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

-F1 Team

This kit provides spare o-rings for the common maintenance areas of the marker plus spare screws, springs and detent.  See below for description of contents and installation location. To view the MVP instruction manual  click HERE

MVP Maintenance Kit- Spares for the common maintenance areas of the marker plus spare screws, springs and detent
quantity location
1x3mm O-Ring 6 Body to Pump Rail Track/Regulator Upper and Lower
1x4.5mm O-Ring 2 ASA to Grip Frame
1x7mm O-Ring 2 Blast Guide
1x20mm O-Ring 2 Poppet Seal/ Donut
1x23mm O-Ring 2 Pump Rail Track to Grip Frame
011 O-Ring 2 Inside Volume Chamber
013 O-Ring 3 Outside of Regulator Lower and Piston
020 O-Ring 2 Inside Volume Chamber
021 O-Ring 4 Outside Volume Chamber
Screw for Grip Panel 2
Screw for Grip Frame/ASA/Pump Rail Track/Body 2
MVP Light Hammer Spring 1
MVP Pump Return Spring 2
MVP Ball Detent 1
Packaging: Small Black Plastic Box