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Field One Team

"Our mission is to create lasting paintball equipment that will be unrivaled in performance, reliability, efficiency and comfort and will enhance the playing experience of all paintball players in all formats at all levels of the game."
Eric Crandall
A Northern California native, Eric has been playing paintball since 1991. His love for the game inspired him to become a young field owner, where he helped to develop and grow one of the best and most historical paintball fields in the world, Mare Island Paintball.  Mare Island Paintball was home to some of the game's most legendary teams and players including The Ironmen, Outta Control, KAPP, Lofty, Bob Long’s Ironmen and The Ironkids.
During his time at Mare Island Paintball, Eric introduced future superstar players Ryan Greenspan and Yosh Rau to Alex Fraige and Oliver Lang.  He helped to cultivate the relationship and experience of this elite group of young players from the Bay Area and helped them to grow through the ranks of tournament paintball-  he even brought them to their first tournament together.
Eric has been managing San Diego Dynasty since their inception in 2001 and is responsible for bringing organization, professionalism and many great sponsorship opportunities and relationships to the team.
Eric’s enthusiasm for the game of paintball along with his long time friendship with Bob Long sparked the beginning of Field One Paintball. Eric is not your typical company President, he is a paintball player at heart with his finger on the pulse of the paintball world.  He is approachable and eager to help people within the paintball arena to improve.  Eric is committed to providing top level equipment and innovation to the paintball community.
Yosh Rau 

A true paintball professional.

Growing up in Northern California, Yosh began playing paintball in his backyard with school friends and neighborhood kids including Ryan Greenspan. 

At the age of 15, Yosh worked at Pacific Paintball (later known as KAPP) as a gun tech learning the workings of many of the legendary platforms like the Autococker and Automag. His background as a professional player, a paintball gun tech and archery tech and his experience in the construction field make Yosh a valuable part of the F1 team. Being a jack-of-all-trades, he can play, tech, build, sell and joke with the best of them.

Yosh has won more than 50 professional paintball tournaments, competed across the globe with numerous international teams and has taught thousands of players how to play the game.

A crucial part of team Dynasty, Yosh is a leader on and off the field. He is one of the most reliable players ever to play- specializing in low body situations especially when the odds are stacked against him.



 Alex Fraige

The Captain.  Always.

A founding member of Team Dynasty, Alex grew up as part of the Northern California paintball movement. He began playing at Mare Island Paintball alongside his father, "Big Rich", and longtime friend, Oliver Lang.  Alex and Oliver spent countless hours battling Ryan and Yosh in the bush at Mare Island- the rest is history. Alex works at Field One Paintball as the main contributor in artwork and design/marketing and as the occasional technician. Alex has a hands-on approach to everything he does.  A combination of talent, work ethic and a rapier-like wit has kept Alex at the top of the game and an ever-present source for mentorship and laughs amongst the members of Team Dynasty.

 Alex’s love for paintball and his teammates on Dynasty keeps him driven and excited about growing the company and developing quality products. 



Ryan Greenspan

Paintball Living Legend.

 Ryan Greenspan grew up in Northern California and began playing paintball with Yosh Rau in the backyards of Sebastopol, CA.  His passion for the game combined with his natural skill quickly catapulted him to the top of the paintball world.  As a founding member of Team Dynasty, Ryan has dedicated his life to playing and teaching paintball.  He has been a top-level competitor since his pro debut in 2001 and is always in the conversation when talking about "the top paintball players of all time".  Ryan is an MVP candidate every event and constantly proves that there is no ceiling to his performance and no end in sight to his highly decorated career. 

 Ryan is the driving force behind Field One Paintball's media and marketing.  Ryan travels the world to share his paintball knowledge with the masses and collect trophies.  His longtime experience in the industry and on the field makes him a knowledgeable and integral part of new product development for Field One Paintball.